Collective Bargaining

Portions of each contract are usually negotiated in the late fall of each year.

Each contract has as its purpose the establishment of an equitable and peaceful procedure for the resolution of differences, and the establishment of rates of pay, hours of work, and other conditions of employment.


Assistance with unfair treatment

If you are unfairly disciplined, find that the collective bargaining agreement is not being upheld, or safety protocol is not being honored, GCPEA can help.


Employee Connections

GCPEA meetings and events allow members to connect with one another to discuss common issues. Join the conversation and create a collaborative culture and help it spread. Share your experiences and find opportunities to improve working conditions for everyone.

Student Scholarship

GCPEA is proud to sponsor four education scholarships of $500 each!

To be eligible:

  • Applicant must be a member of GCPEA or an immediate family member of a GCPEA member. Immediate family is defined as spouse, child, stepchild, adoption, grandchild or legal ward of member, AND
  • Applicant has been accepted to or is currently enrolled in a university, college (community or technical), or other educational institution.

Applicants must submit the application form, a personal essay, and letters of recommendation. See the application for full details.

Applications are due by April 30, 2021.

Scholarship application

Labor laws

Grant County Human Resources makes required labor law posters available on the HR intranet page, at a link titled Required Labor Law Posters.

The posters are also printed and posted in the following locations: outside the HR office (Courthouse), employee-only entrance hallway on the south side of the GrIS building, and in binders in the Road District shops as well as the Fairgrounds shop.

Employee Rights

Be aware that there are employee rights that the employer is not legally required to inform you of. You can find plenty of information with a few online searches.

Organized labor makes a difference