About membership dues

All members pay monthly dues, collected by Grant County via payroll deduction.

All monthly dues, initiation fees, and other fees, paid to GCPEA are deposited into the GCPEA general fund.

GCPEA also maintains a FDIC savings account.

Dues are spent on

  • Payment of costs associated with the negotiation of labor agreements ┬áthat outline the rights and benefits of bargaining unit members
  • Payment of fees generated by grievance handling and hearings
  • Two annual lump-sum education scholarships for members and dependents
  • Occasional cash gifts to members facing extreme hardship
  • Seasonal contributions to local charitable organizations

Dues are NOT spent on

  • Political issues, candidate races, lobbying, petitioning, or any other matter related to politics.

How to pay dues

Payment of dues is made via payroll deduction. Fill out the form and submit it to the Grant County Accounting office.


In some instances, checks are accepted by the GCPEA Treasurer.