Grant County Public Employees Association is the labor organization representing employees of Grant County, Washington.

GCPEA was formed in 2001, and has been working with Grant County management and employees to create a dynamic and thriving workforce to conduct the business of county government serving citizens of Grant County.

Employees are the greatest resource an organization has.

GCPEA works with employees and management to maintain safe working conditions, equitable pay, non-discrimination, access to health and wellness benefits, and reasonable working hours.

GCPEA works with Grant County

It is mutually agreed that the Employer and the Association shall work together individually and collectively to:

  • meet the production requirements of represented departments;
  • provide the public with efficient and courteous service;
  • encourage good attendance of employees;
  • promote a climate of labor relations that will aid in achieving a high level of efficiency in represented departments of County government.

Executive Board

GCPEA governance is carried out by the Executive Board

Board positions include:

  • President – M. Lotz
  • First Vice-President – J. Rang
  • Second Vice-President – U. Infante
  • Secretary – R. Mina
  • Treasurer –

Legal Counsel

GCPEA receives legal counsel and legal services from:

Syd Vinnedge, Attorney at Law, of Skalbania & Vinnedge in Seattle.


When needed, the Executive Board can form committees for specific functions.
  • Nominating Committee
  • Grievance Committee
  • Bargaining Committee
  • Legislative Committee

Shop Stewards

Shop stewards can represent fellow workers in discussions with management. He or she also tries to identify and resolve work-related problems in their early stages.